Why Norway?

Why is Norway ranked #34 on the list of countries by suicide rate?
Why does Norway produce predator missiles at Kongsberg, as well as Stryker armored vehicles? Why do we invest tax payers money in weapons manufacturing? Why do we call ourself a country working for peace?
Did i ever tell my government it was okay for them to do this?
Why do more Norwegian veterans die from suicide than in actual combat? Why are there people living in the streets when there is enough room to shelter them all? I have all these questions, but no one else seems to notice, no one seems to care. Why does a massacre happen at a political youth camp, and everyone blames muslims for doing it? Only for us to eventually find out it was a Christian committing these actions. There are all these problems Norway, and no one seems to even care. I am ashamed of being Norwegian, my country is a immoral and disgusting country.